“Cara Lyn is an enthusiastic, organized, thoughtful course room manager, who transitions smoothly between an assisting leadership role and a visible leadership role as needed. She is passionate about human potential and growth, and WOW! Is she fun to work with. Smart, kind, compassionate, quick-witted, with that perfect kind of entertaining style that makes learning fun and rich, she is the real deal in terms of coaching, leading, and training! I can’t wait for more opportunities to collaborate with her!”

-Jeff J., Professional Training and Coaching Consultant


“Cara Lyn delivered a change management and coach training to 80 of our staff in HR and it was so well done!!!  It met (and surpassed) all of our expectations.  I spoke to so many people who felt that they actually “moved through” stuck barriers on issues they had been addressing.  I know that is true for me personally.  There were a LOT of “ah-ha” moments.  Not to mention the humor and polished delivery.  All of it was just perfect!”

-Wendy L., Director of Human Resources – Dominican University of California


“Cara Lyn manages to be insightful, empathetic, pragmatic, and fierce all at once. She has helped me get on my way to achieving goals that I have been desperately trying to reach for years. Her coaching isn’t a magic pill, but her approach has empowered me to take responsibility for my actions and to create a closer alignment between my values and my behavior, all while being kind to myself in a way that is both freeing and motivating.”

– Anna M., personal coaching client


“If someone had told me I’d be seeing a coach 2 years ago I would have laughed. Now I embrace coaching wholeheartedly and that’s because of Cara Lyn, who turned me from a skeptic to someone benefiting greatly from her knowledge, expertise and amazing heart.”

-Trisha K., personal coaching client


“I cannot express to you how amazing Cara Lyn is. She is a stellar coach and has helped me empower myself to be ME. After our most recent session, I thought about my intentions and I have been truly heard by everyone I have spoken with, and it is the most freeing feeling. I LOVE IT! Thank you!!!”

– Kelli P., personal coaching client


“I have been working with Cara Lyn for several months now and it has been a very positive and transformative experience. She knows how to ask the right questions and really has helped me develop the best approaches to areas of my personal and professional life. After every session I feel inspired and motivated, no matter what mindset I was in when the session started. I cannot recommend Cara Lyn more highly to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives.”

– Tyler H., Art Director/Creative Consultant


“Cara Lyn is a divergent thinker. She has an ability to see things from the bird’s eyeview which unearths the hidden treasures in others. A forthright, honest and a sincere guide one could be blessed with”.

– Nevidita K., Co-Active Coach


“Always Elevating!” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Cara Lyn. Cara Lyn is a powerful coach and has an effervescent passion for learning and development! She came into a change fatigued organization, and made big, meaty recommendations that still enhance the organization today. She is wonderful in the c-suite, and in team coaching!”

– Emily H., Director of Organizational Change Management