c.l.g. coaching

  • How can you get beyond life’s barrier points?

  • What can help you gain perspective, find fulfillment, and create balance?

  • How can you manifest your greatest ambitions into reality?

  • What can help you realize that you already hold the answers?

  • How can you continuously foster personal and career development?

  • What can help your organization in becoming more aligned to its goals and objectives?

Coaching for Confidence, Leadership, and Growth.

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Find Confidence, Leadership, & Growth

Coaching is simply a conversation; however, it could be the best conversation you have ever had.

I am Cara Lyn Giovanniello, and the keys to success and fulfillment, both professionally and personally, stem from emotional intelligence, social fluency, and active development.


c.l.g. coaching is about finding Confidence, gaining Leadership, and welcoming Growth to succeed both personally and professionally.

By building a relationship of trust and understanding, through active listening, directed purpose, and the idea that you can achieve the life you want, coaching may be the helping hand that allows you and your organization to move beyond your current state.

I help individual clients to improve their:

  • Leadership skills

  • Executive Presence skills

  • Management skills

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Communication skills

  • Trust and influence

  • Conflict-resolution skills

Additionally, the benefits of my company coaching program are :

  • Better communication skills; employees that participate hone their skills in various forms of dialog like giving and receiving feedback

  • Confidence in following your companies personal goals; if there is misalignment, coaching helps find the direction to pursue

  • Being coach-like as a manager is preferred; you guide employees to an outcome that they own, rather than trying to solve the problem for them

  • Creating a more connected group of employees; the Coaches now have a communal connection and this gets expanded each time they coach someone internally.

I offer consultation for organizations in the areas of Change Management, Curriculum Building, Consultative Skills, Lean/Six Sigma, and Leadership Development.

Coaching can be in-person, over the phone phone, or via Skype – national and international clients welcome!

I welcome you to explore your greatest possibilities, using delicate truths, hard mirroring, and your own power to cultivate your best self. Contact me to schedule a free introductory session to discuss your coaching and consulting needs.

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